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Litter Prevention

Sustain Coastal believes that everyone should take responsibility for their own footprint, but also work in helping the community maintain its footprints. In life, litter is prevalent, unfortunately for the environment and the campus. Awareness may be the best tool in working to fix litter problems. Through various campaigns and clean-ups, Sustain Coastal takes a stand against litter on-campus and in the community.  

Community Clean-Ups

Community clean-ups are key to spreading awareness through action. Not only can you recruit volunteers to get involved, but the effect of a clean-up restores hope to a community. Sustain Coastal organizes its own clean-ups on-campus and in the community and promotes others that have initiated a clean-up in their areas too. 

In 2012, the Eco-Rep Leaders adopted a local boat landing, the Billy Witherspoon Boat Landing, through the Waccamaw Riverkeeper.   

For a list of upcoming clean-up events, visit our Calendar page