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CCU Sustainability Treasure Hunt - Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015

More information to come!

The Treasure Hunt is an opportunity to show how well you and your team knows CCU as a part of Homecoming.

The CCU Treasure Hunt is a social media competition to earn more points for your team.


  • This is a team effort! HOWEVER, your team must use ONE social media platform to play (Twitter and/or Instagram).
  • Designating one specific handle (listed on the registration form) to post from for the entire Treasure Hunt.
  • All “treasures” must posted using #CCUTreasure AND the number of the ‘item’
  • Acquisition of Items: All items on the list can be obtained and performed legally.
  • Fair Play: Sabotage is bad. Sabotaging teams or their items can lead to immediate disqualification or loss of points.
  • Photo bombing other team’s photos and videos is allowed and earns secret bonus points.
  • No profanity or vulgar gestures are allowed.
  • Disturbing classes and meetings that are in session is strictly a big no no!
  • “Treasures” may involve performances, photos, videos, puzzles, random acts of kindness, arts and crafts, research, or finding obscure objects.
  • The cut off to post any items for the Treasure Hunt is 6:00 p.m.


You will earn points for each “treasure” post that will be added to your overall Homecoming points, using the following point system:

0 = Incorrect answer, with no tags
1 = Incorrect answer, with all tags
2 = Incorrect answer, with all tags, and a photo
3 = Correct answer, with no tags
4 = Correct answer, with all tags
5 = Correct answer, with all tags, and a photo (or a video, if it asks for one)

1 point bonus for videos (unless it asks for a video)

5 point bonus – if your team completes ALL the “Teal Goes Green” things on this list (12).
10 point bonus – if your team completes ALL 54 things on this list.

How to Post:

Each post must include #CCUTreasure and the number of the item.

For more information or to get involved, call (843) 349-5041 or email sustain@coastal.edu