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Stock photo of a water bottle refill station

Are you looking for an easy way to not only help protect our earth, but keep yourself healthy and save more money? Switching from bottled water to tap water is just one simple way to make these goals a reality. Think Outside the Bottle is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the bottled water industry, their product, and how its impacting the world. People around the country have taken the initiative to help make this campaign nationwide.

Look for the Water Bottle Refill Stations located throughout campus and fill up your bottle, cup or mug with free filtered water!

Locations include:

  • Arcadia Hall
  • Baxley Hall
  • Coastal Science Center
  • Kingston Hall (Admissions/Financial Aid)
  • Kimbel Library
  • Prince Building
  • Ronald G. Eaglin Residence Hall
  • Ronald R. Ingle Residence Hall
  • Singleton Building
  • Student Center
  • Wall Building
  • Williams Brice P.E. Center
  • more locations to be added!

Incoming Freshmen are provided with a reusable "Be the Change" mug (see the header above) as part of their orientation which can be used at our refill stations.  The mugs are courtesy of Campus Dining Services, Aramark. 

Tap Water Challenge & Bottle Walks

At Coastal Carolina University, Think Outside the Bottle is a student-driven campaign that started in August 2009, which includes interactive and passive activities throughout campus. The Sustainability Initiative continues this student program as one of its ongoing initiatives to educate the university and community about the bottled water industry.

One of the ways students try to influence and educate their peers is with the Tap Water Challenge, which is a taste test pitting bottled versus tap water to see if people can really taste a difference.  Another program is the bottle walk, which is a passive visual education tool to illustratrate the mass number of water bottles that American purchase each year. 

'The Story of Bottled Water'

The Story of Bottled Water is a video created by The Story of Stuff Project, a project from Annie Leonard and her friends at Free Range Studios is a follow up video to their first 20-minute video, The Story of Stuff, more than 15 million views online.  The video is one we share to educate people about many of the issues surrounding bottled water, including the issues of manufactured demand.  From the project's description of the video, "Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industrys attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmentally-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces."