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Performance Assessment Network (PAN)

PAN offers a state-of-the-art, proctored exam delivery system designed specifically for the reliability and efficiency required for the supervised administration of high stakes assessment programs for:

  • Pre-employment selection
  • Licensure and certification
  • Entrance examinations
  • Training assessment

PAN tests offered at the Academic Testing Center include:

CBP (US Customs and Border Patrol)

FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer)

TSA (Transportation Security Administrators)

Capital One



JC Penney

Candidates register for PAN testing appointments online via URLs that are supplied by the employer, usually after an initial interview.  Those who are taking certification tests may already be employed by the client/employer, but they are still supplied information as to how to access the scheduling system.

PAN maintains its online scheduling system, but the time blocks available at test centers are visible to exam candidates.  Based on the candidate’s location, a drop down list of available centers in their area is provided so they may choose the location most convenient to them.