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  Training and Development
  301 Allied Drive
  Coastal Science Center 164
  Conway, SC 29526

Training Opportunities

Our talented team of professionals is dedicated to creating educational opportunities for Coastal Carolina University faculty and staff to enrich their learning experiences. This is accomplished by maintaining a commitment to integrity and quality, and embracing best practices of learning, training and development in the workplace.



The Office of Training, Development and Service Excellence is pleased to announce the addition of the G5 Learning webinar series. This series of prerecorded (on demand) and live webinars is available for your viewing at any time and from any location. A computer with internet connectivity, a web browser and speakers are required. Refer to the instructions below entitled, "Webinar Access."

Featured Webinar #1

"Unhooking from Praise & Criticism" 

Description:  Are there things holding you back from sharing your ideas at work?  Do you worry that people won’t like what you have to say or that people will think less of you if you speak up?  If so, it could be that you are struggling with your relationship to praise and criticism.  Everyone experiences some kind of fear and anxiety when it comes to feedback, but for women the feedback is often more personal. In a recent study done by sitting in on performance reviews, 73% of the negative feedback given to women included a personality criticism.  Of the negative feedback men experienced, a small 2% of it addressed a personality criticism. Feedback, whether its praise or criticism, can be crippling you from sharing ideas or going after that promotion that you deserve.  Learn how to change your relationship with praise and criticism so that you can more boldly go after the things you want in your career by watching G5’s latest event.

Facilitator:  Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. Her book, “Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message” was named a best book of 2014 by Apple’s iBooks. A Coaches Training Institute-certified coach with an MBA from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Yale, her work has been featured on national media from The New York Times to Today Show to Harvard Business Review and has captivated women from all walks of life. 

Featured Webinar #2

"Virtues for Stronger Cultures"    

Description:  “Tipping Sacred Cows” reveals how to overcome the dangerous behaviors that masquerade as virtues at work and how to lead with fewer self-imposed limitations and greater results.  It’s a guide for curious, courageous people at work.

Facilitator:  Jake Breeden teaches as part of the Global Faculty for Duke Corporate Education – the world’s top ranked provider of custom corporate education.  That work has taken him to 27 countries so far.  Jake has taught, coached, challenged, and provoked leaders at Google, IBM, Microsoft, OppenheimerFunds, Starbucks, Sprint, Deloitte and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 


Go to: https://www.g5.tv/g/1990/up/n?t=QDCYXWWKSvmxi9M43xxCyArr

When accessing the G5 Learning site for the first time, you will be required to:

  • Enter Your First Name; Enter Your Last Name
  • Enter Your University Email Address (@coastal.edu)
  • Designate a Password; Confirm Your Password Designation
  • Select ‘Join’ and then ‘Sign In’

For additional questions and further information about these online resources, please contact traininganddevelopment@coastal.edu


CeTEAL Trainings (Center for Teaching Excellence to Advance Learning)

 The Center for Teaching Excellence to Advance Learning (CeTEAL) serves faculty & staff to help you improve your instruction, scholarship, distance learning, leadership and service skills while integrating technology.  http://www.coastal.edu/ceteal/ 

ITS Trainings (Information Technology Services - Content Management System Training)

 Information Technology Services (ITS) provides this hands-on training which demonstrates how to use T4 content management system to create and maintain your departmental website. "http://www.coastal.edu/its/training/"

The Office of Scheduling & Space Management

Do you reserve space for meetings and events?  Submit Media Services equipment requests?

The Office of Scheduling and Space Management is changing the way events, locations and media resources are requested on campus.  The current room reservations procedure using the online “Coastal Employees Reservation Form” and Media Services’ online “Equipment Checkout Form” will soon be phased out and replaced with the 25Live Event Wizard, combining requests for facilities and equipment into one form.  Training on this new 25Live request system will be offered throughout the month of July.

If you are responsible for reserving rooms or submitting Media Services equipment requests, it is recommended that you attend one of these training sessions.  You can also register for these training sessions through the Training and Development website at http://www.coastal.edu/traininganddevelopment/trainingopportunities/.

For more information check out the Reservation Center  or contact Daniel Hucks at jdhucks@coastal.edu or x2112.


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