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  Training and Development
  103 Tom Trout Drive
  Singleton Building, Room 116
  Conway, SC 29526

Training Opportunities

Our talented team of professionals is dedicated to creating educational opportunities for Coastal Carolina University faculty and staff to enrich their learning experiences. This is accomplished by maintaining a commitment to integrity and quality, and embracing best practices of learning, training and development in the workplace.







The Office of Training and Development is pleased to announce the addition of the G5 Learning webinar series.  This series of prerecorded (on demand) and live webinars is available for your viewing at any time and from any location.  A computer with internet connectivity, a web browser and speakers are required. 



Jan. 21 How to Be Less Distracted At Work 11 AM – 12 PM G5 Learning (Live Online Broadcast)



FEATURED WEBINAR * This can be found on the G5 Learning site under “Tracks”
Webinar Title Presenter Competency Track
 Influence and Engage Others Kristi Hedges, Author Influence

At times we’ve all felt a lack of confidence and have worried about what others think. It’s human. Yet there are always great leaders or people we admire who never seem to waiver. Part of their strength as a leader comes from the commanding presence they have each time they enter a room. Here’s a surprising tip: Did you know that standing in a posture of confidence, even when you don’t feel confident can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain?  The saying, “thoughts influence our actions,” also happens to be true in the reverse, actions influence our thoughts.  Establishing presence is key to being influential and engaging in front of your team.


ON DEMAND WEBINARS      * These can be found on the G5 Learning site under “Tracks”

Webinar Title Presenter

Competency Track

Be a Better Boss Bob Sutton, Professor at Stanford Manage & Lead
Be More Productive Julie Morgenstern, Author Organize & Prioritize
Personality & People    Jeremy Daniel, Consultant Social Skills
Build Stronger Skills Daniel Coyle, Editor & Author YOU






: Go to: https://www.g5.tv/g/1990/up/n?t=QDCYXWWKSvmxi9M43xxCyArr

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For additional questions & further information about these online resources, please contact traininganddevelopment@coastal.edu