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  Training and Development
  301 Allied Drive
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Training Opportunities

Our talented team of professionals is dedicated to creating educational opportunities for Coastal Carolina University faculty and staff to enrich their learning experiences. This is accomplished by maintaining a commitment to integrity and quality, and embracing best practices of learning, training and development in the workplace.




• August



The Office of Training and Development is pleased to announce the addition of the G5 Learning webinar series. This series of prerecorded (on demand) and live webinars is available for your viewing at any time and from any location. A computer with internet connectivity, a web browser and speakers are required. Refer to the instructions below entitled, "Webinar Access."

 ON DEMAND WEBINARS * These can be found on the G5 Learning site under “Tracks”
Featured Webinar Title Presenter Competency Track Description

Make Everyone Smarter






Liz Wiseman, President of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research & development firm in Silicon Valley, CA and Author of "Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter"


Manage & Lead







This webinar introduces the concept that "the best leaders make everyone smarter. It focuses on how to get more done with fewer resources, develop & attract talent, and cultivate new ideas & energy to drive organizational change and innovation. Learn how to build the traits of a "Multiplier" into your work.

Live Webinar:

June 25      Unhooking from Praise & Criticism         11:00 AM - 12:00 PM         Live Broadcast Online


WEBINAR ACCESS: Go to: https://www.g5.tv/g/1990/up/n?t=QDCYXWWKSvmxi9M43xxCyArr

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For additional questions and further information about these online resources, please contact traininganddevelopment@coastal.edu.


CeTEAL Trainings (Center for Teaching Excellence to Advance Learning)

 The Center for Teaching Excellence to Advance Learning (CeTEAL) serves faculty & staff to help you improve your instruction, scholarship, distance learning, leadership and service skills while integrating technology.  http://www.coastal.edu/ceteal/ 

ITS Trainings (Information Technology Services - Content Management System Training)

 Information Technology Services (ITS) provides this hands-on training which demonstrates how to use T4 content management system to create and maintain your departmental website. "http://www.coastal.edu/its/training/"