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Offset Printing

printing press Offset printing is primarily used when materials are to be distributed publicly. Some of these materials include departmental letterhead and envelopes, invitations, brochures, business cards, and notecards/envelopes. Our offset press can handle a variety of both paper and ink colors. In most cases, offset printing has a five (5) day turn around time; however, depending on the complexity of the job, some printing may require as much as ten (10) working days BEGINNING ON THE DAY OF FINAL PROOF. Please take this into account and plan accordingly.

Printing Service Request Form

Offset Requirements

  • For each job requested, a separate requisition MUST be filled out.
  • Each job or service requested MUST have a title.
  • All requisitions MUST be filled out with the Name of cost center, Cost center account number, and Cost center director’s signature. Failure to do so will result in your requisition being sent back to you to obtain these necessary items, thus causing a delay in your printing.
  • IMPORTANT: When counting originals, count front and back; i.e., front is one original, front and back is two; etc.
  • Printing Services CAN NOT Staple and Fold items at the same time!
  • If finished products are to be delivered somewhere other than to the requestor, please specify on work order.