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Civic Engagement seeks to educate students through volunteer opportunities, service learning, and activism who will strive to understand the shared strengths and challenges of the Grand Strand community by engaging in impactful collaborative action on campus and off.

Students will:

  1. Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in connection with an ability to analyze the complex social issues in the Grand Strand community.
  2. Develop an ability to articulate an appreciation and respect for the dignity of humanity and the efforts to defend it.
  3. Develop the foresight to project and implement activities with a goal of achieving the common good.

Find Your Fit:

Connecting People with Opportunities
to Serve:

Civic Engagement offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to foster an environment where students can learn about themselves and their community by taking action through service, and advocate for lasting social change. We work with approximaetly 60 local community partners and is continuing to grow.There are organizations both on and off campus that fill every niche, including health and human services, arts and humanities, human rights, environmental causes,agriculture, social justice, animal welfare, community building, public policy,and more. 

Past Volunteer Events Include:

  • 9/11 Day of Remembrance 
  • Six Minutes of Service
  • Setting the Table
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
  • Hunger and Homelessness Week
  • Habitat for Humanity Trips
  • Great Day of Service

Depending on your own values and interests, you may seek a volunteer position with a nonprofit organization that works from a faith-based, political, or specific philosophical perspective. You might consider volunteering with an organization that is working with, or on behalf of, a specific population such as senior citizens, children/youth, individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses, racial and ethnic minority populations, or the LGBT community.

We are here to help connect you with a volunteer opportunity that is a good fit for you!  Come visit one of our Coastal Service Specialists or Leadership & Civic Engagement Fellows from 10 am - 7 pm Monday - Friday in the Lib Jackson Student Union within the Office of Student Life Suite B-215.

Perception of Homelessness Survey

The Junior Swain Scholars, Kerry Dittmeier, Emma Kroger, and Nancy Philips have developed a survey designed to gather information on community perceptions of homeless individuals in Horry County. They plan to compare the perceptions found from the survey with the reality of who these homeless individuals are, which will be collected through firsthand interviews with the homeless population in the county. Through the beautiful, heart wrenching, and jaw-dropping stories of the fallen, yet hopeful individuals, it is their goal to bridge the gap between perception and reality of who these humans are.  You may access the survey here:  http://snap.coastal.edu/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=144735495926

Looking for On-Campus Opportunities?

We have a number of on-campus partners who have ongoing service opportunities for students.  You may visit the Dean of Students website for a list of these on-campus partners and their contact information.  



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