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Hire Us

You can hire WCCU Radio for live remotes at events.
During the remotes, we play music that's requested or appropriate for the event. We can also play games, hand out prizes, and promote other activities.


WCCU Remote 

Includes a DJ, Music and a PA System

     $35/per hour for 1- 4 hours

     $30/per hour for 5 hours or more


Broadcast event live on the radio 

   - additional $25 fee 


Remotes at Off-campus locations

   - additional $50 fee 


 Supplies to be provided by client:

 -Easy access to adequate electricity

 -Standard five or six-foot folding table

 -Three folding chairs



WCCU requests at least 7 days notice for booking a remote. When services are requested less than 7 days before an event, student and equipment availability may have to be rearranged to accomodate.  

    - an additional $25 fee will be charged for bookings made       less than seven days in advance.


To hire us please contact:

Hope Smith

Business Manager



WCCU Radio operates under the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture at Coastal Carolina University