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Chris LinnaresChris Linnares
Brazilian psychotherapist and creator of Diva Dance • • •

International author, renowned Brazilian psychotherapist, and successful emotional and weight loss master coach, Chris Linnares has quickly become one of the most passionate voices for women and teen wellness and empowerment. She uses humor, science, spirituality, dance and inspiration to touch people deeply, connecting with women in a moving, fun and powerful way.

With her background as a professional dancer and clinical psychologist (with a post-graduate degree from a Brazilian university and advanced studies at UCLA and Harvard University) she developed the acclaimed wellness program Diva Dance and Girls Gone W.E.L.L. 

Diva Dance uses fun dance moves with self-empowerment tools to energize the body, empower the mind, and express the soul! Diva Dance has earned rave reviews from the media and leading organizations such as Go Red – American Heart Association, Microsoft, Avon, and in Women’s Health Magazine.

With her husband, she created the award-winning social project Beautiful Women Of to encourage children to use art and literature to expand the definition of beauty and bring human values to light.

Author of several books including Cinderella on the Couch and the award-winning book and the social project Beautiful Women of North Dakota (with Billy Black, Deb Dawson and Mary Jo Hotzlerher), she tells her amazing life story and pioneer work. Her publications have been featured in Marie Claire, Shape and Women’s Health Magazine, among others.

A dedicated philanthropist, Linnares is the founder and president of Women’s Impact, a non-profit organization formed in 2010 to create opportunities for women and teenage girls to connect, support and empower each other. A portion of the proceeds from any of her products and speaking engagements goes to Women’s Impact.

After finding natural ways to overcome her own depression, grief and weight issues, Linnares said, "We have an innate ability to completely change our lives. Life may not be a fairy tale, but we all deserve a happy ending."

She lives in Fargo, N.D., with her daughter and husband.