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Article VII: WIPL Board and Standing Committees

A.  Responsibilities of the WIPL Board include setting donor levels, approving budgets, convening meetings, conducting business and voting, participating in strategic planning, reporting on the goals and projects of the organization, and promoting WIPL to the community. 

B.  The WIPL Board will consist of the elected and appointed officers and liaison(s), Executive Director, Immediate Past President and Chairs of the Standing Committees. Chairs of the Standing Committees will have voting rights, will give reports and bring issues and ideas to the Board. The Immediate Past President serves in an advisory role as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board, and will serve a two-year term. 

C.  The Board provides a solid structure for the following:

1.  The Board holds a fiduciary role. It is responsible for on-going reviewing and monitoring accounts and approving an annual budget; 

2.  The Board conducts an annual strategic planning meeting to review its goals and objectives, new initiatives and other matters relating to the progress of WIPL;

3.  The Board will approve, create and draft initiatives in support of the WIPL Mission;

4.  The Board will implement and evaluate ongoing and new initiatives that support the Mission; 

5.  The Board reviews and approves any proposed changes in the scholarship program and ensure that the organization fulfills the intentions of its donors;

6.  The Board reviews and approves any proposed changes in donor categories; 

7.  The Board reviews and approves any activity or event that is associated with the CCU WIPL name, to ensure alignment with its Mission. The President or Executive Director will act on behalf of the Board as appropriate and under time restraints; and

8.  The Board assigns, coordinates and monitors the work of its standing and ad hoc committees. 

D.  A quorum shall consist of a simple majority (half the Board, plus one) in order to conduct official business.

E.  WIPL Standing Committees:

1.  Chairs of the Standing Committees will be appointed by the WIPL Board. 

2.  The term for a Standing Committee Chair is two years and starts at the time of appointment.

3.  A Standing Committee Chair may serve two consecutive terms.

4.  The following Standing Committees are advisory to the WIPL Board and function as described below:

i.  Membership Committee

While each WIPL member is encouraged to invite and sponsor new members, the Membership Committee serves to focus on recruitment and retention of WIPL members by expanding membership opportunities, welcoming all members’ guests, and providing them with information regarding the organization. The committee will also periodically review donor membership categories as necessary and make recommendations to the WIPL Board.

ii.  Program Committee 

The Program Committee may suggest special projects and events, such as a speakers’ series and other events that promote fundraising to facilitate the goals of WIPL. This committee also may arrange for special guest speakers for meetings as requested by and coordinated with the WIPL Board.

iii.  Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee will handle all aspects of the WIPL scholarship process, including: review criteria, read and vote on applications with input from trained reviewers, announce scholarship recipients and assess rubrics and results for continuous improvements. WIPL encourages interested members to consider development of more scholarships that may meet the needs of students in specific majors or other unique circumstances. The committee will ensure that the policies of the gift agreements related to scholarships are administered properly. 

iv.  Nominations Committee 

The Nominations Committee will be responsible for soliciting and vetting potential candidates for Officer positions, both for unexpected vacancies and for normal election cycles. The Nominations Committee recommends a slate of officers for a vote by the membership. This committee keeps track of current officer terms and alerts the WIPL Board when elections are needed.

v.  Conference and Celebration Committee

The Conference and Celebration Committee handles all aspects of the Women’s Leadership Conference and the Celebration of Inspiring Women. This committee has several sub-committees to ensure the planning and execution of these events. The committee chair ensures all aspects of the conference are approved by the Executive Director and follow CCU protocols.

5.  Ad hoc committees will be named, as needed, by the WIPL Board.