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“There is a window of opportunity open for women’s leadership here and now that compels all of us, women and men, to throw the window open wide and create the social change needed to rebalance the globe.” -Chris Grumm, President and CEO of The Women’s Funding Network

It has been tremendously exciting to add Leadership as a core value to the mission of Women in Philanthropy and Leadership (WIPL). The realization that financial support could assist in educating women, but engaging women in conversations of leadership through networking, mentoring and interacting with other successful women could change the way women see themselves. Providing opportunities and initiatives that promote women's  leadership  is both powerful and empowering.

The need to empower women is as important today as it was when the suffragists struggled to secure women’s right to vote over ninety years ago. WIPL initiatives have ranged from providing funding for speakers and workshops advancing the potential of women in fields from Science, Technology, and Math, to government and politics; including Elect Her -- Campus Women Win, an American Association of University Women (AAUW) initiative that seeks to build the pipeline of women running for office in order to diminish the long-standing political leadership gender gap on college campuses and beyond.

The Women's Leadership Conference is a major WIPL intiative that brings together local, state, national and global women leaders to share their stories of leadership, passion, energy and impact. Since the inaugural event in 2011, the conference has engaged more than 1400 participants.

Our hope is that this is the beginning of a transformational time in our journey – as individuals, as an institution and as a society. We know that when women succeed society prospers. Through this experience and through the mentoring of our leaders, we will prosper and change the world in which we live. We will take the responsibility of leading our next generation of female leaders. In them our vision and our hope for equality lie. We will realize that collectively we have the responsibility to have our voices heard in the academic, corporate, civic and political arenas. It is only in realizing this that global transformation can be accomplished.