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Dispatches from the Completion Agenda

The Provost’s Office, with support from CeTeal, introduced a new faculty development workshop, “The Completion Agenda,” in late July. So far, 137 faculty members have participated in the workshop, with two more sessions planned for October and November.

The Completion Agenda addresses the issue of student success and degree attainment, something that institutions across the nation are struggling with as colleges and universities serve an ever more diverse population of students. From learning about demographic changes and their impact on higher ed, to exploring retention and graduation rates, to discussing ways that faculty members and departments contribute to student success and progression to degree, the workshop encourages faculty to share their ideas and innovations for classroom and mentoring strategies that contribute to student engagement, interaction, and persistence.

At the end of each Completion Agenda workshop, faculty are invited to make individual commitments to adopt student success strategies, and they also make suggestions for actions that departments, colleges, and the Academic Affairs office can take to eliminate barriers to success. Each week, Letters & Laurels will feature a commitment, student success strategy, or classroom victory submitted by a faculty member. And as we move through the Fall semester, keep an eye out for the Provost’s Office to report on those suggestions made for Academic Affairs action.

Completion Agenda Tip

“… I took a tidbit from our session and applied it -- not ‘reading’ through the syllabus on the first day. Instead, I right away broke students into groups and had them all read the syllabus/highlight and discuss… then each group had to think of a question and an important point and I wrote them on the board. We talked about it as a group and I found it much more effective.”
Elizabeth Muckenstrum, Lecturer, Communications, Languages and Cultures

Elizabeth Muckensturm
Lecturer, Department of Communication, Media and Culture

“… I set up weekly meetings with students who are struggling in class despite their best intentions. These meetings need not be long, 10 or 15 minuites will do. But I think it is often enough for a student to know that we are there for them reguraly. It takes away some of the anxiety.”
Assistant Professor, Politics

Joseph Fitsanakis
Associate Professor of Intelligence and Security Studies