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eLead at Coastal

The eLead at Coastal leadership program is designed to assist students in developing their leadership competency, allow them to grow in their level of CCU community involvement, foster an expectation of academic excellence, and prepare for their future career goals and ambitions.

The program is comprised of three progressive tiers of individual leadership development with the goal of preparing students to lead once they graduate. These tiers, which are titled “Emerging Leader, Engaged Leader, and Exceptional Leader” are comprised of various activities, ways to be engaged on campus, self-reported experiences, etc. After successful completion of each tier, students will be prepared and ready to start working toward completing the next tier.

While marketed to first-year students, any student can enter the program, and will have the entirety of their academic career at Coastal Carolina University to complete the program. It is not expected that students will achieve each of these levels on the corresponding year at the institution. Instead, this program is designed to allow students the freedom to proceed at their own pace of learning and development.

Students that complete all tiers in the program will have their graduation regalia (bachelor's cap and tassel, gown and year date charm) purchased for them during their last semester at Coastal Carolina University.