IACS Accreditation - Coastal Carolina University
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IACS Accreditation

Counseling Services

During the summer of 2017, Counseling Services conducted a benchmark study to compare our practices to those of our peer and aspirant institutions. In conducting this study it was discovered that all 11 peer and aspirant institutions have counseling services that are accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services Inc. (IACS), which is the organization that accredits university counseling centers. Counseling Services will pursue accreditation in 2018.

IACS accreditation is expected to improve the quality of services offered to CCU students and therefore, support their achievement in their education. As a result of becoming accredited, it is expected that we will know what additional resources and services we need based on standards in our field and we will acquire those resources and initiate new services. It is also expected that accreditation will lead to positive attitudes toward the professionalism of Counseling Services among faculty, staff and students.