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TAO Self-Help Modules

According to the creators of TAO, "TAO – Therapy Assistance Online is a suite of online tools for client education, interaction, accountability, and progress assessment to facilitate effective mental health treatment." TOA is used in well-being and resilience training, mindfulness training, communications and relationship training, problem solving, anger management, evaluating alcohol and other drug use, stress management, anxiety treatment and depression treatment. It is offered through multi-session on-line interactive modules that focus on skill-building. 

Due to the high demand for services, Counseling Services has begun using a Stepped Care model of service delivery. Stepped Care is a model of service delivery utilized by many university counseling centers (Cornish, 2017). The idea of the model is to offer interventions with the least stakeholder investment and the most client autonomy first and most frequently. Interventions that require substantial resources and allow for the least client autonomy are offered only after other options have been exhausted. Group counseling and workshops are good examples of services we offer which meet the needs of many students with a lower amount of staff time required. TAO Self-Help Modules offer an additional option for interventions that serve more students with less staff time.  This will help Counseling Services serve more students and reduce the waitlist on which students are placed when there are insufficient counseling slots to serve all students requesting services.