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The Poverty Project


The Poverty Project was designed to engage students in activist research with impoverished populations in Horry County. Professors Sara Brallier and Stephanie Southworth, along with students in their Sociology of Poverty, Social Inequality, Sociological Analysis, an Methods for the Social Sciences courses, will engage in collaborative research with several agencies serving the impoverished in Horry County – Churches Assisting People (CAP) Food Panty in Conway, New Directions Homeless Shelters, and the East Coast Homelessness Organization (ECHO). The research projects are designed to guide students through the processes of (1) assessing the needs of low income individuals and the ability of local agencies to meet their needs, (2) educating community service organizations and the general public about the needs; and (3) creating fundraising and educational opportunities to help agencies and the general public to better serve the impoverished.