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(18 Credits)

The interdisciplinary minor in African Diaspora Studies (ADS) provides undergraduates with the learning environment and the tools to deepen their knowledge about the history, art and culture of people of African descent. From the local Gullah communities to the worldwide African diaspora, this field of study seeks to provide a scholarly approach to understanding the lives of black people wherever they are located across the globe. Students in the minor will develop multifaceted analytical tools of inquiry for human engagement and informed citizenship; therefore, the minor complements almost every major. The minor consists of 18 credit hours of coursework drawn from at least three disciplines and up to six disciplines.

FOUNDATION (3 Credits)   3
HIST 250 Historical Research and Writing*  3
ELECTIVES: (15 Credits)   15
 ARTD/ARTS 440Q Pre-Professional Studio*  3-6
ENGL 205 Literature and Culture* 3
ENGL 341 African-American Literature, 1750-present 3
ENGL 352 African American English 3
ANTH 314 Survey of African American Musics 3
ANTH 315 The  Caribbean 3
ANTH 317 Gullah Culture and Identity 3
ANTH 318 Topics in Ethnic Identity* 3
ANTH 345 Archeaology of Plantations* 4
ANTH 391 Ethnographic Methods* 3
ANTH 427 African Prehistory 3
ANTH 495Q Internship in Anthropology* 3
HFA 391Q Press Project Workshop* 1-3
HIST 200 Introduction to Southern Studies 3
HIST 312 Patterns in World History 3
HIST 355 Latin American Culture and Civilization 3
HIST 363 Black Atlantic & African Diaspora 3
HIST 367 Colonial America 3
HIST 383 History of the Colony and State of South Carolina 3
HIST 443 Modern Colonialism* 3
HIST 455 Topics in Latin American History* 3
HIST 495Q Internship in History* 3
MUS 207 Introduction to World Music* 3
MUS 258 Jazz & the American Experience 3
RELG 322 Introduction to Islam 3
POLI 330 Introduction to the Middle East 3
POLI 346 Contemporary African Politics 3
POLI 348 Introduction to Africa 3
POLI 349 Comparative African Politics 3
POLI 481 Democracy and Development in Africa 3
SOC 355 Race & Ethnicity 3
Total Credits Required   18

*Sections of these courses that involve relevant content are approved for this minor. See the minor adviser.

Students must complete 15 credit hours at the 200 level or above, and 9 credit hours must come from different disciplines. See the following pre-approved courses and see the minor adviser for additional courses, including one-time offered and modified courses that may also count as electives.

Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in all 18 credit hours required by the African diaspora minor.

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