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(20-23 Credits)

The Applied Mathematics minor provides interested students with a dynamic skillset upon graduation. Graduates with a minor in applied mathematics are able to give their expertise in a wide array of professional environments, including business, computer science, cryptography, and economics.

MATH 160 Calculus I 4
MATH 161 Calculus II 4
Choose one from the following: (3-4 Credits)   3-4
MATH 260 Calculus III  4
MATH 320 Elementary Differential Equations 3
Math 344 Linear Algebra 3
Choose two electives* from the following with at least one being 300 level or above: (6-8 Credits)   6-8
MATH 220 Mathematical Proofs and Probelm Solving 3
MATH 242/242L Modeling for Scientists I/Laboratory 4
MATH 260 Calculus III 4
STAT 201/201L  Elementary Statistics/Laboratory 
Any MATH/STAT course 300 level or above (excluding MATH 330 Geometry for Middle School)    
Total Credits Required   20-23

*At least one of MATH 260 Calculus III and MATH 320 Elementary Differential Equations is required for the minor. The other course may count as an elective credit for the minor.

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