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(24 Credits)

The department offers a minor in biology. Students interested in minoring in biology should contact the department chairperson.

BIOL 121/121L Biological Science I/Laboratory 4
BIOL 122/122L Biological Science II/Laboratory 4
Choose from the following: (8 Credits)   8
BIOL 340/340L  Cell Biology/Laboratroy  4
BIOL 350/350L Fundamentals of Genetics/Laboratory   4
BIOL 370/370L Principles of Ecology/Laboratory 4
Biology courses numbered 300 and above (8 Credits)   8
Total Credits Required   24

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in all minor requirements, Biology 121/121L Biological Science I/Laboratory, BIOL 122/122L Biological Science II/Laboratory, and additional biology electives. All biology electives must be selected from 300 and 400 level courses offered by the Department of Biology (prefix BIOL), except that a student may take up to four credit hours of coursework from biology-related courses offered by other departments (prefix other than BIOL) toward his or her biology electives.

External courses that can be counted in this way include:

CHEM 351/351L Biochemistry I/Laboratory (4)

CHEM 352/352L Biochemistry II/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 302/302L Marine Biology/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 331/331L Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 355/355L Introduction to Environmental Ecotoxicology/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 376/376L Biology of Sea Turtles/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 458/458L Fisheries Science/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 471/471L Biology of Marine Mammals/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 473/473L Biology of Sharks/Laboratory (4)  

MSCI 475/475L Marine Ecology/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 476/476L Marine Plankton/Laboratory (4)

MSCI 477 Ecology of Coral Reefs (3)

MSCI 479/479L Marine Benthic Ecology/Laboratory (4)

PHIL 317 Bio-Medical Ethics (3)

PHIL 340 Philosophy of Science (3)

STAT 316 Experimental Design I (3)

STAT 318 Applied Statistical Methods (3)


No other courses from departments outside of biology may be counted as biology electives. No more than four credits of BIOL 399 or BIOL 499 Independent Study/ Directed Undergraduate Research may be applied to the minor.

The Biology minor sequence should be determined in consultation with the student's major adviser and an adviser in the Department of Biology.

Have questions? Contact:

Michael M. Pierce, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department Chair
(843) 349-6483
Swain Hall 112

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