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(20 Credits)

The curriculum in the coastal geology minor is designed to provide the student with a thorough education in geologic processes and features typical of coastal areas. The program provides rigorous education and practical field experience for students preparing for a career or graduate education in coastal geological studies. Students interested in pursuing the coastal geology minor should consult with their major adviser and the coordinator of the geology minor to plan their program of study as early as possible. A student must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in all courses to be applied toward the minor in coastal geology.

GEOL 102/102L Environmental Geology/Laboratory (=MSCI 102/102L) 4
GEOL 111/111L Physical Geology/Laboratory 4
GEOL 112/112L The Origin and Evolution of the Marine Environment/ Laboratory (=MSCI 112/112L) 4
GEOL 304/304L Marine Geology/Laboratory (=MSCI 304/304L)  4
GEOL 316/316L  Sedimentary Geology/Laboratory (=MSCI 316/316L)   4
Choose two from the following: (8 Credits)   8
GEOL 300/300L or above    
MSCI 399 Independant Study/Internship 1-4
MSCI 416/416L Hydrogeology/Laboratory (=GEOL 416/416L) 4
MSCI 440/440L Applied Coastal Geophysics  4
MSCI 444/444L Long-term Climate and Landscape Change/Laboratory 4
MSCI 445/445L Coastal Processes/Laboratory 4
MSCI 497 Marine Science Senior Thesis 3
MSCI 499 Directed Undergraduate Research (approved by the Geology Minor coordinator) 3-6
Total Credits Required   20

 A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each course to be applied toward the minor.

No more than four credit hours of independent study, internship, and/or directed undergraduate research and/or senior thesis may be used toward minor credit

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