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(49-50 Credits)

The curriculum in the environmental science minor is designed to provide students with a rigorous interdisciplinary education in environmental science so they will possess the skills and knowledge needed to find effective, informed and ethical solutions to problems that involve interactions between physical, chemical, biological, economic and social factors. The program is designed as preparation for students seeking environmental careers, including enrollment in graduate programs, in areas including environmental policy and management, environmental education, and environmental monitoring and assessment.

Students pursuing the environmental science minor must consult with their major adviser and the Office of the Dean of the College of Science which administers the minor. Students should enroll in ENVI 201 Introduction to Environmental Science during their sophomore or junior year and then enroll in ENVI 420 Advanced Environmental Science the following year. A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in all upper level courses and in ENVI 201 and ENVI 420.

BIOL 121  Biological Science I  3
BIOL 122 Biological Science II  3
CHEM 111/111L General Chemistry I/Laboratory 4
CHEM 112/112L General Chemistry II/Laboratory 4
MATH 160 Calculus I 4
Choose from the following: (8 Credits)   8
PHYS 201/201L AND General Physics I/Laboratory  4
PHYS 202/202L General Physics II/Laboratory  4
PHYS 211/211L AND Essentials of Physics I/Laboratory 4
PHYS 212/212L Essentials of Physics II/Laboratory  4
STAT 201/201L Elementary Statistics/Laboratory  4
ENVI 201/201L Introduction to Environmental Science/Laboratory 4
ENVI 420/420L Advanced Environmental Science/Laboratory 4
Choose three courses and the corresponding laboratories (11-12 Credits)   11-12
BIOL 370/370L Principles of Ecology/Laboratory 4
BIOL 481/481L Freshwater Ecology/Laboratory 4
BIOL 484/484L Conservation Ecology/Laboratory 4
BIOL 488/488L Wetland Plant Ecology/Laboratory 4
ENVI 399* Independant Study/Internship 1-4
ENVI 487* Selected Topics in Environmental Science  1-6
ENVI 499*  Directed Undergraduate Research  3-6
MATH 242/242L Modeling for Scientists I/Laboratory 4
MSCI 321/321L Atmospheric Science/Laboratory 4
MSCI 331/331L Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing/Laboratory 4
MSCI 355/355L Introduction to Environmental Ecotoxicology/Laboratory 4
MSCI 401/401L Enviromental Chemistry/Laboratory 4
MSCI 402/402L Analytical and Field Methods in Enviromental Chemistry/Laboratory 4
MSCI 474/474L Ecosystems Analysis/Laboratory 4
MSCI 475/475L Marine Ecology/Laboratory 4
MSCI 495/495L Marine Environmental Issues/Laboratory 4
PHIL 319 Environmental Ethics 3
Total Credits Required   49-50

*A maximum of six credits from ENVI 399, ENVI 487 and ENVI 499 may be applied towards the minor.

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