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(18 Credits)

Businesses operate in an increasingly global environment. The International Business Minor is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills that they need to work effectively in a multinational businesses.  The International Business Minor teaches students how businesses operate in a global economy and how they adopt their strategy to a global environment. Students take a variety of internationally-oriented business courses in order to learn about the operation of multinational businesses from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students must also take a globally-oriented political science course that helps them understanding how sociopolitical environments develop and how they influence business decisions. 

Intended Audience

The International Business Minor is intended for both business and non-business majors who are considering working for a multinational business or organization. Non-business majors may have to take additional preparatory courses such as CBAD 301: Management & Organizations and CBAD 350: Marketing.

Benefits of Minor

Most medium and large businesses have a global operation.  Businesses often have plants or subsidiaries in multiple countries. Even businesses that only operate domestically typically have suppliers or clients in other countries and often have a multinational workforce. Therefore, it is important for students to develop an understanding of how businesses operate in a global environment in order to make themselves more valuable to multinational organizations regardless of their area of specialization. For example, a marketing major will be more valuable to a multinational marketing firm if she or he understands how the cultural, political and economic environments influence consumers in other countries. 

Course credit may NOT count for both major and minor requirements. Students completing the international management concentration in the management major may not also complete the international business minor.

CBAD 401 International Business  3
POLI 101 Introduction to World Politics 3
Choose one from the following: (3 Credits)   3
POLI 318 International Political Economy  3
POLI 435 Globalization 3
Choose two from the following: (6 Credits)   6
CBAD 402 Study Abroad in International Business  3
ECON 351 International Economy Policy 3
FIN 421 Multinational Corporate Finance 3
MKTG 454 International Marketing 3
MGMT 461 Cross-Cultural Management  3
HRTM 381  International Internship   3
Foreign language at the 210 level or above, or one addtional course from the following: (3 Credits)   3
ECON 351 International Economic Policy 3
FIN 421 Multinational Corporate Finance 3
MKTG 454 International Marketing 3
MGMT 461 Cross-Cultural Management 3
HRTM 381 International Internship 3
Total Credits Required   18

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each course to be applied toward the minor.

Note: CBAD 402 may be repeated for up to six credit hours only

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