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(20 Credits)

The marine science minor provides a basic introduction to the field of marine science. Requirements for the minor include 8 credits of introductory level marine science and 12 credits of upper level marine science. Students who major in other fields within the College of Science or who major in areas outside of College of Science should consider minoring in marine science if their career goals within their major include applications to the marine environment. For example, a history major who wants to pursue employment in the field of maritime history should consider a minor in marine science or a biology major who wants to pursue employment in coastal environments should consider this minor.  

MSCI 111/111L Introduction to Marine Science/Laboratory 4
MSCI 112/112L The Origin of Evolution of the Marine Environment/Laboratory 4
Choose two from the following: (8 Credits)   8
MSCI 301/301L Physical Oceanograhy/Laboratory 4
MSCI 302/302L Marine Biology/Laboratory 4
MSCI 304/304L Marine Geology/Laboratory 4
MSCI 305/305L Marine Chemistry/Laboratory 4
Marine science at the 300 level or above: (4 Credits)   4
Total Credits Required   20

No more than four credit hours of MSCI 399, MSCI 497 and/or MSCI 499 may be included in the minor.

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each course to be applied toward the minor.

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