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(18 Credits)

The military science minor is intended for undergraduate students enrolled in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). Students who complete the requirements for the minor, and are otherwise eligible, commission into the United States Army as Second Lieutenants. The minor offers courses in the history of war and conflict to better understand the nature of the past and present military. Students learn and utilize leadership and critical thinking skills in demand for today’s military forces as well as the public and private sectors. Academic and hands-on instruction is provided in an 18- credit-hour course of study in ROTC and history courses. To be eligible for this minor, students must have completed the following prerequisites: ROTC 101/101L, ROTC 102/102L, ROTC 201/201L, ROTC 202/202L, or the equivalent. Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in all 18 credit hours.

ROTC Courses (12 Credits)   12
ROTC 301 Advanced Military Decision Making  3
ROTC 302 Applied Military Leadership 3
ROTC 401 Leadership and Management Seminar I  3
ROTC 402 Leadership and Management Seminar II 3
History Courses (6 Credits)   6
HIST 460 American Military History 3
Choose one from the following: (6 Credits)   6
HIST 305  The Age of Revolutions 1789-1848   3
HIST 309 World War II and the Cold War 3
HIST 338 War and Memory 3
HIST 339 The Great War 3
HIST 350 Vietnam: the American Experience, 1941-1982 3
HIST 357 Exploring Middle Eastern Conflict 3
HIST 371 Civil War and Reconstruction 3
HIST 440 Pacific Front of WWII 3
HIST 461 The Pursuit of Peace 3
HIST 462 The Causes, Conduct, and Consequences of War 3
Total Credits Required   18

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