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Photo of Jessica Fokken

Jessica Fokken, Director/Academic Coaching Experience Department 
KRNS 106A | 843-349-6462 |

When Jess taught Composition, she developed a passion for helping students see that their outside interests could be researched and written about in an academic way. Jess is from Windom, Minnesota and she earned her Bachelors of Art in English from Southwest Minnesota State University, her Masters of Art in English at Iowa State University, and her Ph.D. in English from Oklahoma State University.  

Jess chose to work at CCU because her and her husband were hired in the English Department in 2016. Jess taught Composition at CCU while she finished her dissertation and she really liked the community at CCU. Because of the atmosphere in the CCU community, Jess wanted to join and work within to help the CCU students.


Photo of Alexa CecilAlexa Cecil, Academic Coaching Specialist/Academic Coaching Experience Department

KRNS 106A | 843-349-6462 |  

Alexa has a passion for education because she enjoys supporting students, helping them be successful, and seeing the value in their college degree and education. Alexa is from Bridgeport, West Virginia and earned her Bachelors of Arts in English and Psychology from Marshall University, her Masters of Art in Higher Education Adminitration from West Virginia University, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Higher Education Administration from West Virginia University. 

Alexa's research interest are student success and retention, organizatioanal culture, staff support, and burnout. Alexa has had previous experience in teaching and coaching at West Virginia University.   

Alexa chose to work at CCU because she is excited to work in academic coaching and also wants to help build a department/program from the ground up. 

Fun fact about Alexa has a rescue pup named Fletcher. 

Photo of Angela DembiczakAngela Dembiczak, Academic Coaching Specialist/Academic Coaching Experience Department  
KRNS 106 | 843-349-6404 |

Angela has a passion for supporting students with learning new things, whether skills or content. Angela is from Stratford, Connecticut and she received her Bachelors of Art in History at CCU, her Master of Art in history at College of Charleston/The Citadel and her Master of Art in Central and Eastern European Studies from La Salle University.   

Angela returned to CCU in the Fall of 2013 as a Teaching Associate, where she taught in both the Department of History and for the Honors Program. Angela served as the Coordinator for South Carolina History Day from 2016-2018 before she joined the Academic Coaching Experience Department. 

Fun fact about Angela is she has a weapon collection, ranging from a small Japanese katana, to medieval pickaxe, to African war club.   

Photo of Morgan MarshallMorgan Marshall, Academic Coaching Specialist/Academic Coaching Experience Department  
KRNS 106 | 843-349-TBD |

Morgan is from Pittsburgh, PA and received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master of Arts in Student Affairs in High Education from Slippery Rock University.  

Morgan has worked in several different departments at different universities including; the Office of Student Conduct, Career Development Office, and the Office of Disability Services.  

Photo of Melqaam ShawMelqaam Shaw, Academic Coaching Specialist/ Academic Resource Center
KRNS 106 | 843-349-6461 |

Melqaam believes education is, the promise before you is greater than the pain behind you.” Melqaam sees education as a gateway to your highest potential. As a doctoral candidate, Melqaam believes that education allows himself to inspire his family, community and state.    

Melqaam is a South Carolina native from Wee Tee State Forest, SC and received his B.A of Radio, Television, and Film Production, MEd in Adult Education and Online Training. In 2009, he experienced an event that was life threatening. Due to that experience, he was inspired to live a life that motivates students. Since then, Melqaam has been traveling the country helping college students build their academic confidence.    

Melqaam started working at CCU because there is a need to promote active study strategies that enhance our community. Melqaam was once a student at CCU and always enjoyed the campus and the hospitality from the CCU community.  

Fun Fact about Melqaam is that he likes tofu tacos.