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Advising Staff

Frankie Weeks, Director of University Advising 
KRNS 216A | 843-349-2498 | 

Frankie has a passion for helping students navigate CCU and overcome obstacles that might normally sway students away from in their path do their degree. Frankie is from Manassas, Virginia and she received her Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology and Master of Arts in Writing from CCU.   

Frankie started her career at CCU in the registrar’s office in 2007 and in 2009, she joined the staff in the Institutional Research and Assessment Office. It was there that Frankie learned the intricacies of higher ed and all the moving parts of a university. She discovered a passion for student success and moved into advising in the Edwards College in 2014. Frankie’s research has focused on student retention and persistence and the development of programming to help students engage and take pride and responsibility in their academic journey. She currently teaches UNIV 110 – The First-Year Experience course and has also taught ENGL 101 and 102. In her current role as Director of University Advising, she provides professional development for advisors across CCU’s campus and works to consistently improve advising processes. Frankie loves that her current position allows her to assist students from all majors as they maneuver their way through university life.   

Frankie chose to work at CCU because after she was finishing up her undergraduate degree as a non-traditional student at CCU, she realized she was not ready to leave the CCU family and ultimate decided to pursue a career in higher education.  

Fun fact about Frankie is she is the youngest of 27 grandchildren and the first to graduate from college.   

Brian Alewine, Associate Director for Student Athlete Academic Services 
KRNS 215B | 843-349-4054 |  

Brian's passion is helping students achieve their goals. Brian is from Goshen, Alabama and recieved his Bachelor's of Science in Social Sciences and his Masters of Science in Sport and Fitness Managment (Athletic Adminitration) from Troy Univeristy.  

Brian chose to work at CCU because of the family atmosphere as well as the opportunity to help grow with Coastal. Brian brings over ten years of experience coaching and also over ten years of advising to the CCU community. 

Fun fact abbout Brian is he is the first person in his family to go to college. 

Megan Gregory, Athletic Academic Advisor/Student-Athlete Academic Services 
KRNS 215D | 843-349-4008 | 

Megan is a local from the Myrtle Beach area. Megan received her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from CCU and her Masters of Science in College Athletic Administration from Coker College.   

Megan chose to work at CCU because it's her alma mater.   

Fun fact about Megan is that she is the 3rd generation in her family to work in college athletics.   

Margaret “Maggie” Hinson, Senior Athletic Academic Advisor/Student-Athlete Academic Services   
KRNS 215E | 843-349-6959 |

Maggie has a passion for seeing the “lightbulb moment” in students when they finally understand something that had previously been difficult. Maggie also love when students realize what career path they would like to pursue. Maggie is from Charolette, North Carolina and she has received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Virginia Tech and a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration from the University of Louisville.   

Maggie chose to work at CCU because of the family atmosphere around CCU’s community, the opportunities for professional growth, and wanted to be close to her family.   

Fun fact about Maggie is the second time she has worked at CCU. Previously, Maggie worked at CCU from 2014-2016.   

Yvette Jefferson, Advising Specialist
KRNS 213C | 843-349-2343 | 

Yvette has a passion for helping students reach their full potential. Yvette is from Norfolk, VA and she has earned her B.S in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.   

Yvette chose to work at CCU because she believes education gives every student an equal chance to make a difference.   

Fun fact about Yvette is she was a guest at former First Lady Michelle Obama’s final First Ladies luncheon 

Tracy Keller, Associate Athletics Director/Student-Athlete Academic Services  
KRNS 215A | 843-349-4178 |

Tracy is from Catfish, North Carolina. Tracy has earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Education and his Master of Arts in Higher Education/Administration from Appalachian State University.   

Tracy chose to work at CCU because of the family atmosphere as well as the appeal of CCU. Tracy also felt there was a lot of room for professional growth at CCU.  

Fun fact about Tracy is he has lived in four states in the past four years (Washington, California, North Carolina, and South Carolina) but he is tired of moving.