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Acknowledgement of Faculty Advisers


We would like to acknowledge each of the faculty advisers who worked with the student authors on their
articles both before they were submitted for publication in Bridges and during the publication process.
These faculty advisers, whose photographs and biographies follow the articles, dedicated time and energy
far above their regular teaching responsibilities to guide their mentees in original research and writing. In
many cases these articles were originally written as the student’s senior project, capstone paper, or honors
thesis. Working with advisees on such endeavors is not required for professors. They do this work for
select students whose work rises above the normal expectations for undergraduate work. They also model
faculty-student collaboration for our learning community. Without the work of the faculty advisers who
direct the student toward success, Bridges could not exist.


We want to offer our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the following advisers who worked on articles
for Issue 8:


Adviser and Department

Student Author and Title

Richard Aidoo, Politics and

Sadara Shine, “The Globalization of Human Rights in Post-
Genocide Rwanda”

Megan E. Cevasco, Biology

Shawnee Lechliter, “Preliminary Study of Kleptoplasty in
Foraminifera of South Carolina”

Adam Chamberlain, Politics and

Tom Fernandez, “Education, Employment, and Coastal Carolina
University: What Are CCU Students’ Plans After Graduation?”

Pamela Martin, Politics and

Sean Dove, “Sustainable Energy in the Galapagos”

Denise P. Paster, English

Karen Jennings, “The Pit Bull's Discourse”