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"Remixing Business Models: Technology and the Future of the Modern Music Industry"

--Ryan Brown

"Co-Crystallization and Polymorphism of Naturally Occurring Peptide Derivatives"

--Kevin Crowley 

"Businesses Going Green: An Analysis of the Factors that Motivate Firms to Adopt Environmentally Friendly Practices"

--Emma Currin

"Title IX Compliance: A Comparison of Coastal Carolina University to Other Regional Universities"

--Bailey Devon Howard

"Multimessenger Astronomy: Modeling Gravitational and Electromagnetic Radiations from a Stellar Binary System"

--Kevin Kern

"Midterm Elections Used to Gauge President's Reelection Chances"

--Desmond Wallace

"Freedom in Education: The Movement to Educate the Freedmen in the Pee Dee Region During Reconstruction"

--Aliyyah Willis