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The Academic Center • 349-2934

The Academic Center provides all students with assistance in achieving learning objectives, improving and expanding academic skills as well as eliminating academic deficiencies. The Academic Center units are:

The Computer Assisted Instruction Lab (CAI) • 349-2908

The CAI Lab provides assistance to students who need help with computer projects. The CAI Lab contains 36 PCs and 5 Apple Macintoshes. All computers are networked and provide e-mail and Internet access. There are also a number of color scanners, printers and other multimedia hardware. The CAI Lab supports many types of storage media such as Jaz, Zip, DVD-ROM's, CD-ROM's and Superdisks. The lab has a diverse software library that ranges from word-processing and graphing to web authoring and programming applications. The CAI Lab's special instruction room, equipped with 4 networked computers, a VCR and a Smart TV, has an extensive library of video tape tutorials on major software such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, PageMaker, Photoshop, C++, HTML and WordPerfect for self-paced learning. The new multimedia station, equipped with a fast CD burner, a VCR, and a fast graphic card, will allow students and faculty to digitize video clips and produce multimedia presentations and projects on CDs.

The Foreign Language Instructional Center (FLIC) • 349-2468

The FLIC supports and enhances courses offered by the Department of Foreign Languages. It provides tutoring in various languages, dictionaries and reference materials, television broadcasts in foreign languages, foreign language computer exercises, magazines and newspapers, and audio equipment. In addition, it has a computerized classroom, which consists of 13 multimedia computers, 3 web cameras, foreign language software, and a Smart TV as a projector. All computers have Internet access and are networked to a laser printer.

The Mathematics Lab (ML) • 349-2884

The ML offers tutorial as well as self-study resources. Faculty and student tutors are available to answer questions pertaining to courses such as college algebra, trigonometry, differential calculus and integral calculus. Computer software packages, reference books and handouts add to the available resources.

The Writing Center (WC) • 349-2937

The WC offers academic support services, from tutorial work to editorial advice for every level of student, plus workshops for students, faculty, and staff. The WC has three computers with Internet access and writing software. Trained undergraduate and faculty consultants are available for assistance.

The Academic Center also houses the Athletes Study Center and the Biology Skills Laboratory.

Office of Academic Advising
Prince Building, Room 212

Academic advisers assist students in developing and accomplishing their educational goals. Students and their advisers engage in a continuing process of communication that can influence student growth and success. The faculty and administration at Coastal Carolina University view academic advising as a vital part of higher education.

When students are accepted into the University in pursuit of a degree, they should contact the deans or department chairs of their majors who will assign academic advisers. Students are expected to arrange meetings with their advisers during each semester to plan their courses of study for the following semester and to discuss career goals.

Students should see their advisers to discuss any problems which affect academic performance, select courses for the upcoming semester, add or drop courses, discuss academic progress, and to discuss career considerations.

Information, advice, and interpretations of University policies offered by advisers do not supersede the official statement of policies and Academic Regulations described in the University Catalog. Exceptions to University Regulations cannot be made by academic advisers. Any exceptions to the policies and regulations set forth in the University Catalog must be petitioned to the appropriate committees (where applicable).

Records of academic progress will be kept by advisers and deans, but the official student records are maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

Study Abroad Advisement

The Office of International Programs (OIP) actively promotes study, work, and travel programs for students wishing to visit other countries. The University sponsors its own academic programs and maintains directories and files that list several thousand programs organized by other American colleges and universities. Coastal has entered into bilateral agreements with universities and colleges in: England, Australia, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Japan. These programs allow Coastal students to study abroad in a variety of disciplines while paying Coastal fees. Other agreements are in development, and questions about other exchange opportunities should be directed to the Office of International Programs. Volunteer, work-abroad, and travel possibilities are extensive and may also be explored by visiting the Office of International Programs located in the Prince Building, Room 105J. The OIP may be contacted by email (

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