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Faculty & Staff Directory

Edward Jadallah Dean 349-2773 KRNS 101
Janet Buckenmeyer Associate Dean 349-6494 KRNS 102A
Lisa Vernon-Dotson Director of Curriculum and Personnel 234-3480 KRNS 215F
Patricia Piver Director of Clinical Experiences and Student Services 349-2682 KRNS 116A
Marilyn Feldmann Director of Assessment and Accreditation 349-2755 KRNS 114F
Elena Andrei

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education

349-2409 KRNS 207A
Linda Anast-May

Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of the Master of Education in Educational Leadership

349-4194 KRNS 211F
Janet Buckenmeyer Associate Professor, Instructional Technology 349-6494 KRNS 102A
Kimberly Carroll Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education 349-2681 KRNS 106D
Todd Cherner Assistant Professor, English Education 234-3415 KRNS 207E
Jeanne B. Cobb Professor, Literacy Education and Coordinator of the Master of Education in Learning and Teaching 349-2669 KRNS 207B
Howard Coleman Associate Professor, Educational Leadership 234-3426 KRNS 211I
Richard Costner Associate Professor, Elementary Education 234-3461 KRNS 215D
Kristal L. Curry Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education 349-2146 MBEC 106
John Delport Assistant Professor, Special Education 349-2858 KRNS 215H
Jeremy Dickerson Associate Professor, Instructional Technology 349-2772 KRNS 211D
Marcie Ellerbe Assistant Professor, Literacy Education 349-6441 KRNS 207C
Susan Flynn Assistant Professor, Special Education 349-4181 KRNS 215E
Denise Forrest Assistant Professor, Middle Level and Mathematics Education 349-2452 MBEC 107
Gregory Geer

Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of the Master of Education in Educational Leadership

349-6675 KRNS 211H
Austin M. Hitt

Associate Professor, Science Education, and Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Teaching

349-2605 MBEC 109A
Julie (Dodi) Hodges

Associate Professor, Special Education

349-2321 KLIB 210
Edward Jadallah Professor, Curriculum and Instruction 349-2773 KRNS 101
Cathy R. Jones Associate Professor and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education 349-2356 KRNS 106C
Caroline W. Knight Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Elementary Education 349-6414 KRNS 215A
Cheng-Yuan (Corey) Lee Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology 349-2780 KRNS 211E
Dianne Mark Professor, Educational Foundations 349-2485 KRNS 104B
Timothy Meyler Lecturer, Physical Education 349-4183 WBB 150A
Sandra Nelson Associate Professor and Coordinator of Physical Education 349-2801 KRNS 211G
Patricia Piver Associate Professor, Social Studies Education 349-2682 KRNS 116A
Malvin Porter Assistant Professor, Human Development 349-6413 KRNS 211B
Lindsey Pritchard Lecturer, Early Childhood/Elementary Education 349-6475 KRNS 106E
Nancy Ratcliff Professor, Early Childhood Education 349-2631 KRNS 106B
Jamia T. Richmond Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations 349-6578 KRNS 215B
Emma Savage-Davis Associate Professor and Coordinator of Middle Level Education 349-2738 KRNS 104D
Catherine Scott Assistant Professor, Elementary Education 349-6558 KRNS 215C
Douglas W. Smith Associate Professor, Elementary Education 349-2664 KRNS 215G
Debbie H. Stanley Instructor, Early Childhood Education 349-2632 KRNS 106A
Lisa Vernon-Dotson Associate Professor, Special Education 234-3480 KRNS 215F
Joseph Winslow

Associate Professor, Instructional Technology

349-2613 KRNS 216C
Lynne Brock Administrative Coordinator Dean’s Office 349-2629 KRNS 102
Jean Ann Butler Administrative Specialist Early Childhood, Elementary, Physical Education & Special Education 349-2604 KRNS 106
Amanda Darden Student Services Coordinator & Academic Advisor 349-2699 KRNS 105B
Denise Davis Academic Advisor 349-2935 KRNS 105C
Judy Dix LiveText Coordinator 349-2971 KRNS 114F
Yvonne Harps Administrative Specialist Biddle Center 349-2673 BAX 206
Deborah Kephart Administrative Specialist Biddle Center 349-2665 BAX 219
Lynn Millard Administrative Specialist, Middle Level, MAT, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, M.Ed. in Learning and Teaching 349-2011 KRNS 114B
Sarah Rabon Administrative Assistant Clinical Experiences, Student Services, Academic Advisement 349-6592 KRNS 116
Sandra Saunders Coordinator, LIFE Program 349-2387 BAX 205
Zan Wiggins

Director, The Biddle Center for Teaching, Learning and Community Engagement

349-2745 BAX 208
Margene Willis Biddle Center At-risk Specialist 349-2694 BAX 206