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Research & Outreach

Research Briefs

Research Briefs are published as occasional papers by the Spadoni College of Education for the community at large on a variety of topics relevant to the fields of education, recreation, exercise science, and health promotion. Each Brief is intended to represent a concise and objective synopsis of relevant research that pertains to the Brief topic. Briefs are not intended to advocate, but, to report what is known through research about the topic. It is the hope of the Spadoni College of Education that Research Briefs will serve to expand the knowledge base of the reader in areas important to the field of study.

Additionally, while the preparation of any Research Brief is at the discretion and selection of the faculty of the College, as a service, the faculty requests recommendations for topics of interest to be studied. Any recommendation for a Research Brief topic should be made to biddlecenter@coastal.edu.

Research Briefs completed by the College to date are as follows: