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Experiential Learning

The Quality Experiential Learning (EL) program strengthens the abilities of students to link theory with practice through experiential learning across the University’s educational programs.

Beginning in Fall 2018, all CCU students must complete an EL course as a graduation requirement. Students report that EL courses are relevant, valuable and give them an advantage for life beyond the university.

Major Categories of EL Courses

This summer, we've followed a few Coastal Carolina University students as they did research on shark hydrodynamics. That work included creating a model of a shark that was as realistic as possible.

Recently, the students were able to test their robotic shark in CCU's flow tank in the Environmental Fluids Lab.

Students at Coastal Carolina University recently participated in an archaeological dig as part of a Maymester course. The work took place near the coast on land owned by the Coastal Educational Foundation. Classes have excavated at the site before, but this time the students went deeper and farther back in time than they ever had in the past.