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Experiential Learning

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

In the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, we stress the values of intellectual vitality, moral agency, aesthetic appreciation, and creative engagement inside and outside the classroom. In experiential learning settings, students work to sharpen skills in careful reading, clear thinking, close observation, effective writing, and persuasive argument. We believe students can be the makers of the world they inhabit, and our mission is to prepare each to live a thoughtful and fulfilling life as a responsible and responsive human being and citizen.


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Community Planning

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‌Phonetic Pillows

A new class was added in the Department of Theatre, THEA 342Q: Voice and Speech for Actors. In this EL class, students study the sounds of speech, apply this learning to performance for the stage, discover how to learn dialects for theatrical work, and contribute to a national online video database of dialects.

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Social Justice

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