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Amanda Todd

Teaching Associate, Geography

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“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” E.O. Wilson


Amanda Todd is a human-environmental geographer specializing in the geographies of belief systems and spiritual landscapes. She focuses on integrating historical and contemporary human perceptions and experiences with nature and the experiential hallmarks of our multi-cultural world. Her previous academic research highlighted modern spiritual landscapes within the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky. Her particular interest was in documenting ceremonies (i.e., weddings, baptisms, meditations, despacho ceremonies, and “new age” group activities) at prominent mountains and waterfalls in the region.

With a focus on place perception and geographies of belief systems, her research today explores spiritual practices and experiences connected to prominent geologic features and various landscapes around the world. Her supporting studies outside of academia include a myriad of indigenous wisdom-keepers, elders, teachers, healers, and shamans including: Cherokee, Hawaiian, Q’ero, Aymara, Buryat and European neo-shamans. Dr. Todd also travels frequently to Hawai’i to further her skills and knowledge of Hawaiian Hula Sacred Dance in exploring the intersection of movement (Hawaiian Hula) with geography, history, spirituality, and the environment.


Ph.D., Geography, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.A., Geography, Appalachian State University
B.S. Natural Resources: Soil and Water Systems, North Carolina State University

Teaching Areas

  • World Regional Geography
  • Cultures and Environments
  • Spiritual Landscapes
  • Myth, Ritual and Magic

Interesting Facts

Amanda enjoys the outdoors from the mountains to the sea; discovering spiritual growth ideas and exploring alternative healing practices from many cultures. She is an Energy Healing Master in Reiki and Huna Hawaiian Kahi Loa. She has taught Reiki, Kahi Loa, and meditation for over 10 years. Amanda also teaches and shares Hawaiian Hula Sacred Dance and has performed at Polynesian festivals in the southeast.

Research Interests

Spiritual Landscapes, Cross-Cultural Shamanism, Shamanism, Sacred Sites, Symbolism, Rituals and Ceremonies, Religions and Belief Systems, Topophilia, Native and Energetic Healing, Hawaiian Hula Sacred Dance