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Brian Roessler

Senior Lecturer - Communication, Media, & Culture

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Brittain Hall (BRTH) 318


Brian Roessler is a member of the creative class, trying to battle anti-intellectualism and myopia through teaching, playing music, and encouraging creativity in all forms. Born in Pittsburgh, but living in Horry County since 2000, Brian spent 12 years producing television for Horry County Schools before joining the Department of Communication at Coastal Carolina University full-time. During his non-teaching time, Brian can be found writing songs, playing shows, performing in plays, hosting songwriting circles, putting on songwriting contests, and volunteering for Create! Conway, as well as hanging out with his beautiful wife Shawna, who teaches freshman English at CCU.


M.A., Communication Management, Webster University (2010)

Interesting Facts

Songwriter’s Lament (Full Length Album) 2015
Ketchuptown (Full Length Album) 2010
Miles Not Forgotten (Full Length Album) 2007
The Right Words (Full Length Album) 2004

Teaching Areas

Organizational communication, organizational media

Research Areas

Ethnography of communication through songwriting; ethnography of open mics

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