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Sara Keever

Teaching Associate, Communication, Media and Culture

Jonathan Doe
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Brittain 307

Spring 2018 Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-11:30am or by appointment

“The telling of stories has always been the principle shaper of human behavior.” - George Gerbner


Sara Keever was born and raised in the South, but lived out her college years in the Great American West. Both places feel like home, and she is glad to be in Myrtle Beach where she can still get that vast open sky. She teaches Modern Human Communication: Principles and Practice and Media, Self, and the World. Prior to teaching at Coastal, she taught high school social studies in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where the history of the Spanish American War of 1898 taught her that every story becomes fascinating the more you know about it.

Interesting Facts

Although more of a bookworm than a stage presence, Sara was lucky enough to be hurled out of her comfort zone and into a production of Smoke On the Mountain, singing and dancing her way across Kenya as a college student. She encourages all students to go see the world for themselves, rather than through the lens of the media.


M.A., in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Texas at Austin, 2007

B.A., in Political Science, University of Arizona, 2004