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Professor and Coordinator of Composition and Linguistics

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Becky Childs is a Professor of Linguistics in the English Department at Coastal Carolina University. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Georgia, a MA in English from North Carolina State University, and BA in English from the University of Florida. Her research takes an ethnographically informed approach to language change in phonetic and phonological systems of varieties of English (African American, Bahamian, Southern English, Appalachian English, and Newfoundland English). Her recent work has focused more closely on issues of identity, salience, and local language change in Newfoundland and Appalachian English. She is the co-editor of Data Collection in Sociolinguistics (Routledge, 2013) as well as a number of other articles and chapters on sociolinguistic variation.


Ph.D., University of Georgia, Linguistics (2005)
M.A., North Carolina State University, English (2000)
B.A., University of Florida, English (1997)

Program Affiliations

Women’s and Gender Studies, Fellow of the Waccamaw Center

Selected Publications

2018. Childs, Becky and Joel Schreir.  “Language and the Internet in the New South” to appear in the Conference Proceedings from Language Variation in the South Conference.  University of North Carolina Press.

2017. Childs, Becky and Christine Mallinson.  “Southern Landscape and Language” to appear in the Handbook of the American South, edited by Maggi Morehouse. Routledge Press.

2017. Mallinson, Christine, Becky Childs, and Gerard Van Herk (eds.). Data Collection in Sociolinguistics.  Routledge Press. 2nd Edition

2016. Childs, Becky.  “Who I am and Who I Want to Be:  Variation and Representation in a Messaging Platform”. In English in Computer-Mediated Communication: Variation, Representation, and Perception, ed. Lauren Squires.  Mouton de Gruyter: New York.

2015. Mallinson, Christine and Becky Childs. “African American Women’s Language in the Smoky Mountains of Appalachia.” Proceedings from LAVIS III.

2014. Childs, Becky and Gerard Van Herk. “Work that –s: Drag queens, gender, identity, and traditional Newfoundland English." Journal of Sociolinguistics.

2014. Van Herk, Gerard and Childs, Becky. “Active Retirees: The Persistence of Obsolescent Features” Chapter in Linguistic Variation: confronting Fact and Theory. Routledge: NewYork.

2013. Mallinson, Christine, Becky Childs, and Gerard Van Herk (eds.). Data Collection in Sociolinguistics. Routledge Press. 

Teaching Areas

Sociolinguistics, Phonetics, Language and Gender

Research Areas

Language Variation and Change, Language and Identity, Phonetics, Phonology