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Paul Gayes

Director, School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science and Professor

Jonathan Doe
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BCMW 105

Office Hours: By appointment
Research Interests:

Coastal Process / Response; Relative Sea Level, Storm Impacts
Geologic Framework of Coastal Systems
Marine Renewable Energy

Courses Taught:

CMSS 608 Coastal / Marine System Science, Issues and Applications
CMSS 609 Coastal / Marine System Science Seminar
MSCI 545 Coastal Processes
MSCI 495 Marine Environmental Issues

Boards & Panels:

South Carolina Regulatory Task Force on Clean Energy 2009-2010
South Carolina Governors Advisory Committee on Climate, Energy and Commerce (2007-2009)
South Carolina Ocean Planning Committee (2007-2012)
South Carolina Shoreline Change Advisory Committee (DHEC-OCRM) (2007-2010)
Program Advisory Board-South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium (2005-present)
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium PAB Finance Committee (2007-present)
Gray Reef National Marine Sanctuary Research Advisory Board (2006-present)
South Carolina Task Force for Inner Continental Shelf Sand Resources and Critical Habitats Mineral Management Service-INTERMAR 1994-2004)
International Geologic Correlation Programme (UNESCO) Project 367, Member of the American Working Group International Project Secretary (1993-1997)
International Geologic Correlation Programme (UNESCO) Project 274, Member of the American Working Group (1988 1992)

Recent Publications:


Yan, T., S. Bao, L. J. Pietrafesa and P. T. Gayes, 2014: Modal Inter-Comparisons between North Atlantic Accumulated Cyclone Energy and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation, and the Pathology of the 2013 Hurricane Season. Special Issue: Weather Forecasting, Nature Science (in print)


Pietrafesa, Leonard J., David A. Dickey, Paul T. Gayes, Tingzhuang Yan, James M. Epps, Maura Hagan, Shaowu Bao, and Machuan Peng. 2013 "On Atmospheric-Oceanic-Land Temperature Variability and Trends." International Journal of Geosciences 4 (2013): 417-443.

Yan, Tingzhuang, S. Bao, L. Pietrafesa and P. Gayes, 2013: Modal Inter-Comparisons between North Atlantic Accumulated Cyclone Energy and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation, and the Pathology of the 2013 Hurricane Season. Journal Natural Science (accepted)

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