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Richard Peterson

Assistant Professor, Coastal and Marine Systems Science

Jonathan Doe
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BCMW 113

Office Hours: By appointment
Research Interests:

Examining groundwater-surface water interactions
Applying natural radiotracers to a multitude of environmental processes including particle transport and atmospheric deposition
Natural porewater and hydrocarbon seepage

Courses Taught:

MSCI416/516 Hydrogeology
CMSS642 Applications in Isotope Geochemistry
CMSS787 Linking Biology and Geomorphology in Coastal Wetlands (and Other Habitats)
CMWS699 Graduate Seminar III
CMSS 617 - Effective Scientific Communications: Preparing for Life as a Scientist
CMSS 787: Sea Level Rise and Saline Intrusion into Coastal Habitats

Recent Publications:


Weber, S.C., J.J. Battles, L. Peterson, B.J. Roberts, R.N. Peterson, D.J. Hollander, J.P Chanton, S.B. Joye, and J.P. Montoya, 2016. Hercules 265 Rapid Response: Immediate Ecosystem Impacts of a Natural Gas Blowout Incident. In press with Deep Sea Research I.

Peterson, L.E., Peterson, R.N., Smith, E., Defore, A., and Libes, S.M., 2016. Constructing water budgets for a coastal stormwater catchment to examine temporal dynamics between urban groundwater and surface runoff. In press with Elsevier textbook entitled Emerging Issues in Groundwater.

Peterson, R.N., W.S. Moore, S. Chappel, R.F. Viso, Libes, S.M., and L.E. Peterson, 2016. New perspectives on coastal hypoxia: Natural drivers among a highly developed shoreline. Marine Chemistry, 179(1), 1-11.


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Hutchins, P., Smith, E.K., Koepfler, E., Viso, R.F., and Peterson, R.N., 2014. Metabolic responses of estuarine microbial communities to discharge of surface runoff and groundwater from contrasting landscapes. Estuaries and Coasts, 37 (3): 736-750.


Peterson, R.N., J.C. Breier, L.R. Harmon, J. Brusa, and P.R. Hutchins, 2013. Development of a sparging chamber for field radon analysis. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 298 (2), 1347-1357.

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