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Rich Viso

Assistant Director, School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science

Jonathan Doe
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BCMW 102

Office Hours: By appointment
Research Interests:

Seafloor Imaging
Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Plate Tectonics

Courses Taught:

MSCI 440/540 Applied Geophysics
CMWS 601 Coastal Marine and Wetland Processes (co taught with C. Gilman)
CMWS 614 Applied Geophysical Field Methods

Recent Publications:


Sanger, D. M., E. M. Smith, G. Voulgaris, E. T. Koepfler, S. M. Libes, G. H. M. Riekerk, D. C. Bergquist, D. I. Greenfield, P. Ansley Wren, C. A. McCoy, R. F. Viso, R. N. Peterson, and J. D. Whitaker, 2012. Constrained enrichment contributes to hypoxia formation in Long Bay, South Carolina, an open water urbanized coastline. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 461, 15-30.


McCoy, C.A., R.F. Viso, R.N. Peterson, S. Libes, B. Lewis, J.G. Ledoux, G. Voulgaris, E. Smith, and D. Sanger, 2011. Radon as an indicator of limited cross-shelf mixing and submarine groundwater discharge in a coastal embayment along the South Atlantic Bight. Continental Shelf Research, 31 (12), 1306-1317.


Viso, R., McCoy, C. , Gayes, P.T., and Quafisi, D., 2010, Geological Controls on Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Long Bay, SC, Continental Shelf Research, V. 30, pp 335-341.

Crowe, S.E, Gayes, P.T., Viso, R.F., Bergquist, D.C., Jutte, P.C., and Van Dolah, R.F, 2010 Impact of the Charleston Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site on nearby Hard Bottom Reef Habitats, Marine Pollution Bulletin 60 (2010) 679–691