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Till J.J. Hanebuth

Associate Professor, Coastal and Marine Systems Science

Jonathan Doe
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BCMW 106

Office Hours: By appointment
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Research Interests:

Long-term (Quaternary) deposition and clastic material fluxes along continental margins
Coastal, shelf and continental slope sediment dynamics – processes and products
Climatic and oceanographic control on sedimentation on modern to millennial time scales

Courses Taught:

CMWS 606 Coastal and Marine Geological Processes
CMWS 699 Graduate Semiar III
CMWS 609 Issues and Applications Seminar

Boards & Panels:

INQUA International Focus Group "Rapid changes and human impact on continental shelves"

Recent Publications:


Oberle FKJ, Storlazzi CD, Hanebuth TJJ (accepted) What a drag: Quantifying the global impact of chronic bottom trawling on continental shelf sediment. Journal of Marine Sciences.

Oberle FKJ, Swarzenski P, Reddy C, Nelson B, Baasch B, Hanebuth TJJ (accepted) Deciphering the lithological consequences of bottom trawling to sedimentary habitats on the shelf. Journal of Marine Sciences.

Zhang W, Hanebuth TJJ, Stöber U (accepted) Short-term sediment dynamics on a meso-scale contourite drift (off NW Iberia): impacts of multi-scale oceanographic processes deduced from the analysis of mooring data and numerical modelling. In: xxxx (eds) “The contourite log-book”. Marine Geology.

Rebesco M, Urgeles R, Özmaral A, and the CORIBAR team: Hanebuth TJJ, Caburlotto A, Hörner T, Lantzsch H, Llopart J, Lucchi RG, Nicolaisen LS, Osti G, Sabbatini A (accepted) Grounding Zone Wedges, Kveithola Trough (NW’ Barents Sea). In: Dowdeswell JA, Canals M, Jakobsson M, Todd BJ, Dowdeswell EK, Hogan KA (eds) “Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms”. Xxxxx. (

Hanebuth TJJ, Lantzsch H, García-Rodríguez F, Perez Becona L (accepted) Currents controlling sedimentation: paleo-hydrodynamic variability inferred from the continental-shelf system off SE South America (Uruguay). In: Muniz P, Conde D, Venturini N, Brugnoli E (eds) “Ciencias Marino Costeras en el Umbral del Siglo XXI: Desafíos en Latinoamérica y el Caribe (XV COLACMAR)”. Xxxxx. (in Spanish).

Perez L, García-Rodríguez F, Hanebuth TJJ (accepted) Paleosalinity changes in the Río de la Plata estuary and on adjacent Uruguayan continental shelf during the past 1,200 cal ka BP: an approach using diatoms as proxy. In: Weckström K, Gell P, Saunders K, Skilbeck G (eds) “Applications of paleoenvironmental techniques in estuarine studies”. Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research xx, xx-xx. Springer.

de Mahiques MM, Hanebuth TJJ, Martins CC, Montoya-Montes I, Alcántara-Carrío J, Figueria RCL, Bícego MC (2016) Mud depocenters on the continental shelf – a neglected sink for anthropogenic contaminants released in the coastal zone. Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (1), 1-12. doi: 10.1007/s12665-015-4782-z.


Hanebuth TJJ, Lantzsch H, Nizou J (2015) Mud depocenters on continental shelves – appearance, initiation times, and growth dynamics. Geo-Marine Letters 35 (6), 487-503. doi:10.1007/s00367-015-9422-6.

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Perez L, García-Rodríguez F, Hanebuth TJJ (2015) Variability in terrigenous sediment supply offshore of the Rio de la Plata (Uruguay) recording the continental climatic history over the past 1200 years. Climate of the Past Discussions 11, 1-27. doi: 10.5194/cpd-11-1-2015.

Zhang W, Schneider R, Kolb J, Teichmann T, Dudzinska-Nowak J, Harff J, Hanebuth TJJ (2015) Land–sea interaction and morphogenesis of coastal foredunes — A modeling case study from the southern Baltic Sea coast. Coastal Engineering 99, 148/166. doi:10.1016/j.coastaleng.2015.03.005.

Hanebuth TJJ, Zhang W, Hofmann AL, Loewemark LA, Schwenk T (2015) Oceanic density fronts steering bottom-current induced sedimentation deduced from a 50 ka contourite drift record and numerical modelling (off NW Spain). Quaternary Science Reviews 112, 207-225. doi:10.1016/j.quascierev.2015.01.027.


Marrero A, Tudurí A, Pérez L, Cuña C, Muniz P, Figueira RCL, de Mahiques MM, Pittauerova D, Hanebuth TJJ, García-Rodríguez F (2014) Historical changes in terrigenous river supply from the Rio de la Plata basin to the inner shelf of Uruguay (in Spanish). Latin American Journal of Sedimentology and Basin Analysis 21 (2), 166-179. ISSN 1851-4979.

Oberle F, Storlazzi C, Hanebuth TJJ (2014) Wave-driven sediment mobilization on a storm-controlled continental shelf (Northwest Iberia). Journal of Marine Sciences 139, 362-372. doi: 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2014.07.018.

Ai F, Preu B, Hanebuth TJJ, Krastel-Gudegast S, Strasser M, Kopf A (2014) New constraints on oceanographic vs. seismic control on submarine landslide initiation: a geotechnical approach off Uruguay and northern Argentina. Geo-Marine Letters 34, 399-417. doi: 10.1007/s00367-014-0373-3.

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