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Scholarships for International Students

In addition to our merit based scholarship awards, there are some opportunities available to help you pay your tuition at Coastal Carolina University. Below are resources from both Coastal Carolina University and outside organizations to help you find scholarships.

Icelandic Whales Alumni Scholarship(transfer students from Commercial College of Iceland or other Menntaskólinn in Iceland)

This Icelandic Whales Alumni Scholarship is a $500 scholarship that carries an out-of-state waiver for up to five (5) scholarships per year. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted as a transfer student from the Commercial College of Iceland or other Menntaskóli and must provide evidence of passing the Studentspróf.
  • Have transferred into or earned at least 30 credit hours at the University.
  • Provide a written recommendation from the President of the Icelandic Whales Alumni Association.
  • Agree to take an active role in University campus life by explaining his or her plans for such involvement in University organizations and clubs and by demonstrating active involvement in school and community-based organizations in Iceland.

The scholarship award will be offered for a maximum of six (6) semesters. Students must be enrolled as full-time, degree-seeking students to receive the award. Awards will be divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. The award may be renewed for up to two (2) years providing the recipient earns a 3.0 cumulative CCU GPA, completes 30 credits annually, meets satisfactory degree progress, and demonstrates an active role in University campus life through meaningful engagement in University organizations and clubs.

Other External Scholarships for International Students