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International Graduate Admissions Process

International Graduate applicants have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree at a regionally-accredited U.S. institution or the equivalent at an institution recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in their country.

Step 1: Review your academic department’s admission standards

Step 2: Apply Online and pay the $45 application fee

Step 3: Request post-secondary transcripts and provide any supporting documents required by your program

Request that all post-secondary institutions you attended AFTER high school upload transcripts and any diplomas or certificates as directed in application instructions.

Official documents should be submitted in the original language(s) AND with an official English translation if not in English. If you need assistance translating your documents, resources can be found at American Translators Association

ALL international transcripts should be evaluated by an external credential evaluation company. Please request a course-by-course evaluation with GPA calculation. Coastal Carolina University will accept evaluations from any NACES or AICE member agency.

Step 4: Meet English Proficiency Guidelines and Request Test Scores

I am from an approved, English-speaking country and attended post-secondary school in an approved, English-speaking country. To complete my application...

I do not need to provide any additional English Proficiency test scores. 

I have attended post-secondary school in the US. To complete my application... 

I must have at least a "C" in a transferrable English composition course equivalent to 3 credit hours AND at least a total of 24 transferrable credit hours.

I have attended only international post-secondary institutions. To complete my application...

I should request my English Proficiency test sores be sent directly from the testing agency to Coastal Carolina University. The institutional code for the TOEFL is 5837. For the IELTS, choose Coastal Carolina University to receive your scores when taking the test. TOEFL and IELTS scores must be within two years of the application date.

GRE, GMAT and MAT scores should be sent to Coastal Carolina University directly from the testing center.

Step 5: Upload a copy of the photopage of your passport 

You can upload the copy at to