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Description of the Major:

History is the discovery and analysis of the past.  Historians base their analyses upon texts and and artifacts, seeking to interpret both causes and effects of change, as well as change over time.

The Student Experience:

The History Department consists of 18 highly-trained PhDs who are authorities in specialized fields of historical study ranging across time, space and subject areas:  from ancient Egyptian to Native American history, from the religion of the late Roman Empire to American military history, from medieval Italy to modern Korea, and from early America to the modern Middle East.

The History Department is home to a wide range of opportunities to promote student learning, including three Centers that focus upon key areas and disciplines.

  • The Waccamaw Center offers students and faculty the opportunity to investigate the history and culture along the historic Waccamaw River, an area rich in the history of pre-historic populations, European colonial settlements, Revolutionary War sites, plantation systems and slave culture, pre-industrial agriculture, and modern tourism.
  • The Center for Archaeology and Anthropology promotes student and faculty research, and community involvement in the investigation of human origins, evolution and cultural patterns.  Center activities utilize archaeological investigation to complete or enhance historical knowledge.  The department also offers an Anthropology minor.
  • The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies promotes the understanding of conflict:  its causes and consequences, its representation in the arts and humanities, and conflict resolution  The Center also works to promote human rights, human respect, and responsibility.
  • Student opportunities for experiential learning include pursuing original archival research, internships in regional agencies, field-school excavations, travel-study opportunities, and digital and oral histories for online publication.


Beyond the Classroom:

The study of history has long been an excellent preparation for leadership in many areas. Some of the most common careers chosen by history majors are government analyst, law, journalism, archivist, librarian, information specialist, museum educator, teacher, lobbyist, and management.


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