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Description of the Major:

Majoring in applied mathematics will certainly improve students' mathematical understanding and competence.  Students also learn the importance of mathematics as an interesting and challenging subject on its own and as a tool that can be applied to other disciplines.  This program is designed to develop a high degree of mathematical proficiency as well as extensive reasoning and problem-solving skills.

The Student Experience:

  • The department recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of the modern mathematical world.  Therefore, students may choose to concentrate their studies in analysis, applied mathematics, discrete mathematics, mathematics for secondary education, or statistics while still obtaining a solid mathematical background.
  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers three minors:  applied mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science.
  • Numerous students have explored independent research opportunities with faculty mentors.  Selected students have presented results of their research and study at local, regional and national meetings.
  • The University provides a Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) that advises and consults with individuals affiliated with the University and members of the local community who are engaged in research requiring statistical data analysis.  The range of statistical services the SCC provides includes graphical and numerical data description, experimental design, data management and analysis, survey design, and reporting and presentation of statistical analyses.


Beyond the Classroom:

  • Research scientist
  • Public utilities analyst
  • Statistician
  • Banker
  • Commodities trader
  • Actuary
  • Teacher
  •  Underwriter
  • Appraiser
  • Technical writer
  • Market research analyst
  • Cryptanalyst


Areas of Study:

MATH 160/161/260 Calculus I, II, and III
MATH 220 Mathematical Proofs and Problem Solving
MATH 242 Modeling for Scientists
MATH 320 Elementary Differential Equations
MATH 407 Coding Theory
MATH 408 Cryptography


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