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First-Year Academic Advising for Undeclared/Exploring and Honors Students

Welcome to the First-Year Academic Advising for Undeclared/Exploring and Honors students. We provide academic counseling to all first-year students during their first two semesters at CCU. With a staff of full-time professionals, student staff and outstanding peer leaders, we do our best to answer all questions, support students in their decisions and provide information about campus.

Please take time to look through our website to familiarize yourself with what we have to offer. These pages are updated frequently.

We are dedicated to student learning and individual development. CCU's mission is to “develop students who are both knowledgeable in their chosen field and prepared to be productive, responsible, healthy citizens with a global perspective.” This philosophy will be reflected by advisors who will:

  • Assist students with understanding and acceptance of themselves and others
  • Assist students in establishing their goals for college and life by understanding the relationship between their interests, skills, abilities and values
  • Assist students in developing an educational plan consistent with their life goals and objectives
  • Increase the decision-making effectiveness of students
  • Provide accurate information on institutional policies, resources, procedures and additional programs in a timely manner
  • Identify the needs of students early in the semester to refer students to institutional and community support services including but not limited to: the Foreign Language Instructional Center (FLIC), Mathematics Learning Center, Writing Center, computer labs and other student services such as Counseling and Career Services
  • Teach students how to evaluate their progress toward goal fulfillment
  • Incorporate core technologies through MyCoastal, WebAdvisor and Moodle

Coastal Carolina University is a premier academic institution serving the needs of its students. The staff in the Advising Center is cognizant of our mandate and will strive to continue the tradition of excellence in serving our students and the CCU community.


First-Year Advising Center
Kearns Hall 213A