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Advising FAQs

Q:  How do I know what classes I need to take?
A:  The curriculum requirements are found in the Coastal Carolina University Catalog, on the Coastal Carolina University website. Your advisor will also have this information available for you and will review with you the online program evaluation.

Q:  How many classes do I take each semester?
A:  Twelve to eighteen credit hours is considered full-time. Students generally take approximately five classes (15-16 credit hours) per semester in order to graduate in four years.

Q:  How often do I see my advisor?
A:  Generally a student can meet his/her advisor as often as necessary. Students see their advisor a minimum of three times during the semester. However, typically a student can expect to see his/her advisor four or five times a semester. Students will also receive several electronic communications from their advisor during each semester.

Q:  What if I want to speak with someone in my declared major?
A:  University College can help you set up a meeting with someone in your major. The advisors are also all trained to help answer basic questions about any major on campus. 

Q:  Do many students work while attending college?
A:  Yes, many of our students work part-time. If you are enrolled as a full-time student, we recommend attempting to limit your work to no more than 20 hours per week if this is feasible financially. On campus jobs are a great way to earn a little extra money and remain connected to what is going on around campus.

Q:  Can I take classes at home during the summer?
A:  Coastal Carolina University does allow you to take classes at another school to transfer back here. However, you do have to follow specified guidelines and complete the appropriate paperwork. Discuss this option with your advisor before enrolling elsewhere. (Note: if you are a Degree in Three candidate you may not transfer work into CCU once you have enrolled as a full time student.)

Q:  What will classes/professors be like?
A:  Unlike high school, in many of your college classes you may or may not have homework every night or even every week that will be collected and graded by your instructor. Often, your entire grade for a class will be based on just a few exams/projects. Therefore, every grade counts! You are responsible for keeping up with when things are due. Your instructor may or may not remind you of these things. Do not count on late work being accepted or extra credit. In many classes, there is no such thing. You CAN do college level work, but you must accept responsibility for this from day one.

Q:  Do I have to attend every class?
A:  Class attendance is a vital part to academic success. When you miss a class you miss the material covered that day plus you give the impression that you do not consider the class important. Blowing off class to go to the beach is a bad idea. Class attendance is the number one predictor of success for the vast majority of college students. Coastal does have a formal attendance policy. If you miss more than 25 percent of a class excused or unexcused, the professor retains the right to fail you in said class on attendance alone.

Q:  How will I meet people?
A:  Get involved. Coastal Carolina University has numerous opportunities for you to take advantage of as a student. Clubs, student organizations, student productions, Student Government, Greek organizations, and intramural sports, are all great ways to meet people. Also, students who get involved are generally happier and do better in their classes.

 Q:  What is WebAdvisor?
A:  WebAdvisor is an electronic snapshot of the individual student’s profile. It provides the student with information on their class schedule, their grade point average (GPA), financial aid, scholarships, room assignments, and mailbox information as well as the ability to see who their advisor is and a link to contact their advisor through email. This is an important resource for students. It is recommended highly that each student spend a little time becoming familiar with web-advisor.

Q:  How do I know what I have already received credit for and what I still need to take?
A:  Program evaluation can be accessed through your web-advisor account. It will show you each class CCU has awarded you credit for from your previous institutions once it has been processed through admissions or the registrar’s office. It will also show you all of the components of your major. It will break down the course work by core curriculum, foundation classes and major requirements. If you have a minor it should also reflect the classes needed for the minor. This will show you what is already completed and what classes you still need to complete to graduate.

Q:  Where do I find help, if I am struggling in a class?
A:  Talk with your advisor about any class you are struggling with at CCU. There are resources to help students be successful in class. Some of these include The Math Lab, The Foreign Language Instructional Center, The Writing Center and numerous departments that offer different forms of student tutoring.