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CCU Arboretum

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Our Story

The Coastal Carolina University Arboretum began with a group of students who had an idea: make CCU an even greener campus through sustainability installations that offer experiential learning opportunities for students and advocacy and outreach for the local community. During the fall 2019 semester, students taking Dr. Dominique Cagalanan’s Anthropology and Geography course Human Landscapes, along with members of the student club SPROUTproposed to establish an arboretum and botanical garden on campus. They prepared a collective report linking their proposal to the Sustainable Development Goals and made a formal pitch to the University Administration, which engendered enthusiasm and excitement about the effort and the immediate approval to begin establishing the native species arboretum.

Our Team

Our Board

The arboretum is managed by a Board made up of representatives from across campus and the local community.

  • Dominique Cagalanan, Arboretum Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Steve Harrison, Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Tim Shank, Superintendent of Grounds Services
  • Tre’ Warner, SPROUT President
  • Billie Rogers, CCU Alumna and former SPROUT President
  • Wanda Lilly, City of Conway Arborist
  • Sean Bowers, Forestry & Wildlife Agent for the Clemson Extension


SPROUT is a student club that helped start the CCU Arboretum and engages in a wide range of arboretum-related activities. SPROUT was founded in fall 2017 with a mission to promote sustainability; engage in sustainability activities on campus, including the CCU Arboretum and greenhouse; and provide interactive and hands-on educational experiences to students at CCU and the broader community about ways to sustainably engage with the environment. If you are interested in joining the club, you may do so on Coastal Connections at https://coastal.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/sprout.


There are members from the campus and local community who are engaged in the CCU Arboretum as Affiliates.

James Luken, Professor of Biology and Associate Dean

Edgar Dyer, Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Keyser, Property Manager of the Black River Cypress Preserve, Landscape Designer and Horticulturist

If you are interested in becoming an Arboretum Affiliate, please contact the CCU Arboretum Coordinator, Dr. Dominique Cagalanan.