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Lydia Deeck (6) approved This was approved in March 2021 AAC. The current catalog course description has HIST 322 as the cross listing, but this should be ARTH 322: HIST 322 - Medieval Art & Architecture (3 credits) (=ARTH 322) A survey of the cultural and artistic trends from c. 300 to 1300, this course will focus on France, England, Germany, and Italy, but also examine important post-classical innovations in what are now Norway, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Syria. Much of the discussion will concern religious architecture, culminating in High Gothic cathedrals. Decorative arts such as illuminated manuscripts, mosaics, stained glass, and sculpture in wood, stone, bronze, and gold will also be central to the course content. Proposed catalog description is correct as indicated in AAC.... Mar 15, 2021 Present Note
Amanda Brian (3) approved Mar 15, 2021 Present Note
Kaitlin Sidorsky (2) approved Mar 15, 2021 Present Note
Aneilya Barnes (1) approved Mar 11, 2021 Present Note
Earnie Church (6) denied This form is approved pending the following edits:Please add full prefix to course description and check that course equivalences are correct. Mar 10, 2021 Old Note
Amanda Brian (3) approved Feb 18, 2021 Old Note
Kaitlin Sidorsky (2) approved Feb 17, 2021 Old Note
Aneilya Barnes (1) approved The course description was slightly revised so that it is now written in the present tense, per the curriculum committee's request. Feb 17, 2021 Old Note
Kaitlin Sidorsky (2) denied Approved Pending: Please put catalog description in present tense. Feb 17, 2021 Old Note
Aneilya Barnes (1) approved Feb 10, 2021 Old Note