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Atheneun Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 3 March 2018

Cribb elected first female president of PGA Carolinas... Read more

Fortissibros student quartet is in tune with the music of an older time... Read more

New Ph.D. program approved by CCU trustees, the second doctoral program in school history... Read more

Ceramics exhibit at CCU’s art gallery explores ritual of dining... Read more

Art professor Bleicher's "Kings Highway" exhibit at Burroughs & Chapin Museum... Read more

Once a Chanticleer, always a Chanticleer... Read more

WIPL welcomes Bush sisters... Read more

Music students earn scholarship... Read more

CCU LIFE student receives national award... Read more

Spadoni College receives financial support for early childhood lab school... Read more

Former Chauncey still in the game... Read more

Chanticleer Store leads donation drive for soldiers in Kuwait... Read more

Coastal Carolina University celebrates Women’s History Month... Read more

» Update on construction projects... Read more

Outstanding Service Excellence Bonus... Read more